Gordy helped me tremendously as I wrote my first TV pilot – he was the only one to tell me that it wasn’t where it needed to be for where I wanted to go. He told me to write from a place of truth and not from a place of “writing for TV” and gave tangible suggestions on how I might do that. His feedback in hand, I embarked on a page-one rewrite. That rewritten script won the Drama Teleplay Award at the Austin Film Festival, was a finalist in the Page Awards, and helped me secure representation. I’m so glad for Gordy’s tough love feedback – it’s what I needed to move my script forward.

– Stuti

“Gordy’s mentorship is a much-needed resource in what can be a very isolating craft. His perspective and analysis helped me identify both the strengths of my script, as well as what wasn’t working and needed improvement. In each session, I got the impression that he genuinely wanted to help my script and me succeed, which made him an encouraging presence in the face of potential rewrites. While critique can always be humbling, with the help of his insights, I was able to grow stronger as a screenwriter and storyteller, and would easily recommend Gordy’s industry-conscious expertise to anyone seeking direct and constructive feedback on their work.”

– Melissa R.

“Was a pleasure meeting Gordy both over Skype and in person when he stopped by in Austin. His experience and level of detail with narrative storytelling was very helpful on my project. I recommended him to others in my screenwriter group. And, he’s a cool dude!”

– Randy H.

“After meeting and talking with Gordy, I was filled with new energy to tackle the problems of my script and take it to the next level. His invaluable feedback was instrumental in my screenplay placing in the Nicholl Fellowship.”

– Parker S.  

“Gordy spotted the problem areas of my script and provided sharp insight into what could be done to fix them. He helped me take an objective look at my work with an aim to make it the best it could possibly be.”

– Mike R. 

“Gordy’s consultation provided an honest straightforward evaluation of my work. During the session, we discussed formatting, story structure, character development and even recent trends in the market. I appreciated the written notes and enjoyed the freedom of asking questions in a private setting.”

– Kathy S.

“I heard through another writer Gordy would be able to give me the insight and feedback I was looking for to take my work to the next level. I got that and so much more, including a writer’s group which now meets a half dozen times a year where we exchange notes and give each other support. Yes, you’ll get great feedback on your story, but you’ll also learn more about why you wanted to become a writer in the first place…”   

– Vince J.

“My first screenplay ever attempted was workshopped with Gordy and made it to the quarterfinals of the Page Awards. Gordy is the Zen Master of screenwriting. He doesn’t pander or blow smoke. He knows what the script needs and applies pressure until the writer gets it. My fatal flaw going into the process was giving up too much information, which released the tension and deflated the story like a flat tire. It seems obvious to me now, but when a writer is inside their own work they don’t always have an objective view, which is why workshopping with a seasoned veteran like Gordy can do wonders. Highly recommended.”

– Tim D.

“I absolutely loved my in-person meeting with Gordy. He provided honest and thoughtful feedback that I am certain will bring my pilot to where it needs to be in order to get funded and made. I had some doubts about the structure of my project and Gordy confirmed what I was feeling. His counsel was invaluable. If you can get an in-person meeting with Gordy jump at the opportunity!”

– Claudine L.

“I have engaged Gordy both as a direct script consultant and attended one of his online workshops. I found him to be tough and fair. Sometimes as writers we need to hear things we don’t to want to hear. At Gordy’s recommendation, I did a page-one rewrite of a script I had worked on for years. That rewrite was just announced as a quarter-finalist in a major competition. Thank you, Gordy.” 

– David K. 

“Gordy’s tough no-bullshit approach coupled with his generous feedback and a total commitment to you the writer will push you to improve your scriptwriting no end.  I highly recommend. *****”

– Jacqueline C.

“When Gordy provided feedback on my first screenplay, I was really impressed by the fact that during our conversation he knew all of the characters I had developed and every scene I had written. It was obvious that he was sincerely invested in my success with the advice he provided. I grew as a screenwriter because Gordy treated my work and me as seriously as any professional in the industry. I revised that first screenplay according to Gordy’s advice, and it went on to receive nominations for awards at film festivals. I’m also able to write screenplays using many of the helpful skills Gordy provided and really enjoy the process even more than I did before.”

– Bridgette Y.

“Gordy was concise and to the point, my script was highly technical to the crypto industry, he made me realise there’s a broader audience, that I had the power of story to reach more people. He preached show don’t tell, and just because I like it, doesn’t make it good! I use many script services to get varied opinions and I’ll keep coming back to Gordy!”

– Lisa E.

“Yay! I finished my first screenplay. Now what, a script consultant? I’ve never hired one before. Make a list. Must tell the honest truth, give advice I can actually use and understand, easy to communicate, able to follow up, and most important of all, an award winning screenwriter. Gordy Hoffman met my requirements. Thank you, Gordy, for your valuable insights and guidance!”

– Feng S.

“Gordy personally challenged me to look inward and discover ideas much richer than what I had initially touched on in my first draft. His insight and encouragement proved invaluable during the course of the class.  What I came out with was so much better than what I started with.”

– Steve L.

“The re-write workshop made it pain-free to shed the layers of an older draft and really weave its new skin in a supportive and nurturing environment. It’s usually nice to get feedback from one person but this felt like such a catch being able to hear from Gordy and four other classmates every time I wrote a set of pages. I would highly recommend it to anyone who can write a screenplay but like me get’s bogged down or indecisive when the re-writing phase begins. A very handy class towards developing my ability in the craft.”

– Nikhail A.